Cut/Paste Computer Music

a waveform representation of a segment of interfered (2009)

While cut and paste is a technique I’ve used in many of my computer music works (as well as recent video works such as ORDER OF MAGNITUDE), a few are distinguished by their sole reliance on this technique. In these pieces, the source audio is not from GACSS, but from a particular audio recording. Each work is a small experiment ranging from 30 seconds to 2:30. I typically concentrate on the extraction of very small segments of the original (e.g. a period or two here or there) and build new sounds from those. There is very little processing of the original going on other than cut/paste and mixing segments together.

Inappropriate Relationship (1998)

Inappropriate Relationship was composed in 1998 for the 3:2 New Music Festival in New York City. It uses as its source audio a clip of President Bill Clinton’s confession to a relationship with intern Monica Lewinksy.

dimbit (2003)

dimbit was written in 2003 and premiered on the Modbit contemporary music radio show. Its source audio is a work by composer Mel Cepstral titled Does It Matter.

interfered (2009)

interfered was composed during our annual post-Thanksgiving art party in 2009. The work was composed in about 1.5 hours and uses a recording of cell phone interference as its source.

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