Works for Low Trumpet

In addition to my computer/instrumental works using GACSS, cut/paste computer music, and instrumental compositions, I have also composed a number of pieces for low trumpet.

For a full listing of my musical works, including a link to download them all as MP3s, visit my compositions page.

Performing Uninduced Approximation at the 2009 House Theater in Urbana, IL

I like making instruments (and other things) function in unintended ways. As a classically- and jazz-trained trumpet player turned composer, I began to explore extended trumpet techniques I could use in my compositions. These investigations led me to develop an extreme low register, with continuous 12-tone pitch ability down to F#2 on the Bb trumpet. I used this technique in two compositions of my own, and it was later used in compositions by others for me to perform in, including Rick Burkhardt (Una Corda, Object/Lens), Keith Moore (Citizen’s Arrest), and Robin Bargar (Program Music I).

Uninduced Approximation

Composed in 1991 for low trumpet and computer-generated sounds, Uninduced Approximation explores how a composed response mixes with overall conversation dynamics to reveal details in unexpected moments.

Program Note for Uninduced Approximation

First you say one thing, then you say another.

I can't believe you want me to go back to being a refrigerator.

Interesting!? How can you say that? You said yourself, we had nothing in common.

At least as a movie projector, I'm with you all the time. And let's face it, now you need me...without me, you're nothing.

You did too! You persuaded me to play these algorithmic temporal interaction games with you. Okay fine. They're not algorithms...really, you've become so predictable.

What do you mean by that?


METALSTOCKHARDWARESOLOW is an algorithmically-generated work for low trumpet and custom mute construction. Utilizing custom software to generate pitch and rhythm events, this information was fed into a MIDI synthesizer and then the MIDI was fed into a music notation program to create the score for me to play.