ORDER OF MAGNITUDE at Galerie Manqué in Brooklyn

Portrait of Zuck at Galerie Manqué in Brooklyn

My work ORDER OF MAGNITUDE will be part of the exhibition Portrait of Zuck. Opening this Friday at Galerie Manqué in Brooklyn, the show presents work that focuses on Mark Zuckerberg’s role(s) as:

“tech billionaire, ultimate data merchant, CEO of the world’s largest social media corporation, enabler of Cambridge Analytica and Russian trolls, goat slayer, Puli owner, embodiment of insatiable capitalism, awkward person, possible robot, probable alien, privacy violator supreme, etc.”

The exhibition features work by Sandra Araujo, Marion Balac & Carlos Carbonell, Bob Bicknell-Knight, Ryan Garvey, Ben Grosser, Claire Jervert and Lane Twitchell.