Demetricators on Vox’ Today, Explained Podcast

On the latest episode of Today, Explained, Arielle Pardes of Wired talked with Vox about her experience of using my social media Demetricators:

When I first started using the Demetricators, it was a little bit scary. But over time it sort of led me to believe that I was putting too much value in things like how many likes or retweets or comments that my posts were getting. It really made me aware of how quickly I was judging other people’s profiles for how many followers they had or how quickly I was judging somebody else’s posts for how many likes it received. … there is a sort of blissful oblivion when you don’t know how well something is performing.

To hear the rest, listen to the episode by clicking play above (or, alternatively, here’s links for Apple and Spotify).