Computers Watching Movies at Reboot Festival in Lisbon

My work Computers Watching Movies is part of the Reboot Digital Arts Festival, opening today at Pal├ício Baldaya in Lisbon. Reboot is a new festival—assembled by some of the same folks involved with the PLUNC—that describes itself as:

…a digital restart – [Reboot] cleans a digital system of some saturating element, reviving it. In the tangible world, the concept of Reboot is sold to us in many forms – restful sleep, detox treatments, therapeutics, and the like – but it hardly parallels with this digital recurrence. This Reboot is an invitation to speculation, to criticism, to a fresh scientific production, and to formal, transdisciplinary artistic interventions.

The festival includes a two-day symposium that has some great looking talks. More available at the festival site.