Algorithmic Text and Sound Launching as Part of NXS in Amsterdam and Berlin

NXS #2 Promo Video

Starting tomorrow night, I have a new invited work launching as part of NXS, an experimental publication from Amsterdam that “aims to explore the emotional and sensual side of hardware, software and algorithms that normally have been assessed by their functionality, aesthetics and ethics.” This new issue is #2 under the theme of Synthetic Selves. Each contribution to NXS is created in succession, and typically based on the two most previous. As the last one in the chain before publication, I asked the editors for all previous entries and then wrote software to generate a new text based on the rest. I also created a sound work (a synthetic reading of the text) that will screen as part of the launch events in Amsterdam tomorrow and Berlin next week.

My contribution is titled Our Emulated Multi-Self, and you can read/listen to it here.

Artists/theorists contributing include: Armen Avanessian, Hannah Barton, Karolien Buurman, Gilles De Brock, Ivan Cheng, Kim de Groot, Ben Grosser, Andrea Karch, Kristýna Kulíková, Geoffrey Lillemon, Geert Lovink, Aaron McLaughlin, Dr. Alberto Micali, Shintaro Miyazaki, Nina Power, Daniel Rourke, Sophia Seawell, Marloes de Valk, Keith J. Varadi. NXS is edited by Monika Gruzite, Juliette Lizotte, and Florian Mecklenburg.

In addition to the launch events in Amsterdam and Berlin, you can buy a copy online.