We Take EmoCoin! Go Rando at Piksel in Bergen


PIKSEL 17 in Bergen, Norway

Go Rando is part of this year’s Piksel exhibition in Bergen, Norway. Under the theme of “We Take EmoCoin!”, this year’s event:

“…points to the new capital: our emotions. Emotions has become the new coin. Emotions can be measured, monitored and monetized in almost real time. Together with our use of social networks, technology is also investing in bio-sensing the body to collect our bio-data. So, we ourselves with our public online behaviour and our stored bio-signals, visualized and interfaced, create a direct link between emotions and money.”

I could hardly think of a better fit for Go Rando than this! Very happy to be a part of it. It runs from 16-18 Nov, and is directed/curated by Gisle Frøysland and Maite Cajaraville.