Computers Watching Movies at GPLcontemporary in Vienna


Computers Watching Movies in processing at GPLcontemporary in Vienna

Opening today is processing, an exhibition at GPLcontemporary in Vienna. In the (Google translated) words of curator Magdalena Stöger:

The possibility of speech between man and machine by programming software and the writing of algorithms enables a new way of looking at the generative process in artistic investigation. If the generative was originally described as the delivery of the individual subject and as an uncritical use of program code for the computation of a final work, many artists today deal with the extended scope of action, expressive possibilities, and the performative quality of code. This survey of the code, however, is not limited to its artistic qualities, but often transcends an examination of its social, political and technological meanings, and simultaneously breaks down as a pure tool. This exhibition brings together artistic experiments, questions and definitions that reflect the generative and find an individual contextualization. In the appropriation of a generative process, the artists understand code less as a craft, but as an artistic possibility of expression and an extended space for action. “Processing” therefore shows intimate insights as well as critical societal reflections, and devotes a wide range of ideas and negotiations to the programming artist. In formats such as graphics, generative films, sculptures or robots, various manifestations of the generative are examined and discussed in the exhibition.

My work Computers Watching Movies is part of this group exhibition, which also includes works by Ursula & Michael Endlicher, Mike Huntemann, Martina Menegon, Julian Palacz, Niki Passath, Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau, Clemens Tschurtschenthaler, and Martin Zeilinger. It opens as part of Vienna Art Week, and runs through the end of November.