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Click the appropriate button below to install on Chrome or Firefox. Works with the 2020 Facebook redesign.


Given the harms that Facebook has wrought on mental health, privacy, and democracy, what would it take to make Facebook “safe?” Is it possible to defuse Facebook’s amplification of anxiety, division, and disinformation while still allowing users to post a status, leave a comment, or confirm a friend? With Safebook, the answer is yes! Safebook is Facebook without the content, a browser extension that hides all images, text, video, and audio on the site. Left behind are the empty containers that frame our everyday experience of social media, the boxes, columns, pop-ups and drop-downs that enable “likes,” comments, and shares. Yet despite this removal, Facebook remains usable: you can still post a status, scroll the news feed, “watch” a video, Wow a photo, or unfriend a colleague. With the content hidden, can you still find your way around Facebook? If so, what does this reveal about just how ingrained the site’s interface has become? And finally, is complete removal of all content the only way a social media network can be “safe?”


Facebook News Feed (2020 redesign) modified by Safebook

Facebook News Feed (2020 redesign) modified by Safebook (in dark mode)

Facebook News Feed modified by Safebook

Facebook status input box modified by Safebook

Facebook user profile modified by Safebook

Facebook video interface modified by Safebook

Facebook Messenger interface modified by Safebook



Article about Safebook in Fast Company

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