October Exhibitions in Italy, Poland, Romania, and UK

Reality Check at eFlux in Udine, Italy

Reality Check at eFlux in Udine, Italy

My fall is busy with exhibitions in Europe. I detail the October exhibitions below and will post about November/December in a separate post.

ScareMail is being exhibited as part of Reality Check at eFlux in Udine, Italy. Reality Check—curated by Filippo Lorenzin—is a project based on “the urgency of a reconnaissance towards the phenomenon of convergence between artistic and sociological reflections compared to some of the most controversial issues related to the unfolding of the web, understood as a cultural phenomenon and daily practice, individual and mass.” Reality Check runs from 4 October to 15 November. See the eFlux website for more information, as well as the project’s Tumblr and Facebook page.

ScareMail will also be part of the #nfcdab digital.art.biennale in Wroclaw, Poland, curated by Dominik Podsiadly. See the project homepage and an article about it on Hiro. The event runs from 3-5 October.

Computers Watching Movies (The Matrix) will be screened at Simultan 10: Terms & Conditions in Timisoara, Romania, from 8-11 October.

And finally, as I posted a few days ago, Computers Watching Movies is in 11 different screenings across several locations in Cardiff, Wales, UK as part of Outcasting: Fourth Wall.