Long-form Podcast Interview with 2343.org

Long-form interview with Simone Salis of the 2343.org podcast. We talk at length about my film ORDER OF MAGNITUDE, Zuckerberg’s skewed sense of “community,” how ideology gets embedded in tools, the need for cross-disciplinary translators, our obsessions with metrics, a metric’s own obsessions (do metrics have egos?), and computational agency more broadly.

Listen via the embed below, or you can access it via Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Recorded in Chicago during summer of 2019.

I will also suggest you visit 2343.org and see what Simone is up to—he’s building out a new online community of which his podcast interviews are only a part. Free membership includes a newsletter and podcast access. There’s also options for an online forum he’s assembled too (I’m in the midst of trying it out myself).