Install Textbook

Installing Textbook on your desktop browser is easy. Find your browser below and follow the instructions.

Google Chrome (recommended)

Click the button below to complete the installation of Textbook on Google Chrome. When it finishes, load or reload Facebook.

Mozilla Firefox

To run in Firefox you’ll need to install Textbook as a userscript. To enable this, first install a common Firefox addon called Tampermonkey.

  1. Visit Firefox’ page for Tampermonkey and then click the large green ‘Add to Firefox’ button. Click ‘Restart Now’ when it asks. Then return to this page.
  2. Now, click on this link to install Textbook.
  3. Click ‘Install’.
  4. Load or reload Facebook and you’re done.

Other Browsers

If you have a way to run userscripts on a browser not listed above, you can grab the raw userscript here.

What about Updates, Privacy, Etc?

Please see my FAQ for answers to these questions and more.

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