FAQ for ScareMail

Q: Does ScareMail store or save any information? Does it violate my privacy in any way?

A: No! While ScareMail could be written to read your email, all it does is watch for the Gmail compose window and then insert one of its stories into it. ScareMail doesn’t store anything, locally or remotely.

Q: Where is the source code? Can I see it? Can I help?

A: The source code for ScareMail is open source and hosted on Github. If you’re interested in helping me improve ScareMail, send me an email.

Q: What about automatic updates?

A: On Chrome, updates just work. On Safari, you’ll need to go to Preferences->Extensions, click on ‘Updates’ at the bottom, and then check ‘Install Updates Automatically’. Right now, on Firefox, you’ll need to adjust the settings of Scriptish: go to Tools->Scriptish->Options->Advanced->Update Security and *uncheck* ‘Require user scripts to update via HTTPS’. (I have https setup, but Scriptish currently has a bug that prevents proper updates over HTTPS. Check back soon and hopefully they’ll update this).

Q: Do you want bug reports?

A: Yes, please send me an email. Screenshots, as well as browser/OS info is useful.

Q: How do I disable and/or uninstall ScareMail?


Chrome: Go to Window->Extensions, find ‘ScareMail’ on the list, and either uncheck ‘Enable’ to turn it off, or click the trash can icon to completely uninstall it. Reload Gmail after this for it to take effect.

Firefox: Go to Tools->Scriptish->Manage Scripts, and either click ‘Disable’ to turn it off or ‘Remove’ to uninstall it. Reload Gmail after this for it to take effect.

Safari: Go to Safari->Preferences, click on the ‘Extensions’ tab, then click on ‘ScareMail’ on the list. Uncheck ‘Enable ScareMail’ to disable, or click ‘Uninstall’ to remove. Reload Gmail after this for it to take effect.

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