Flexible Pixels

The pixel is the fundamental unit of digital imaging, a square representation of a single color. Pixels are always the same size, and always arranged in orderly grids. This project looks at what happens when you change these universally agreed upon standards. More broadly, I’m interested in how the construction of digital images alters our perceptions of reality. Does computer-mediated vision change how we see without computers?

Variable Mirror

Variable Mirror (2011)
computer, display, camera, and custom software

Variable Mirror is an interactive work designed to run continuously in an exhibition space. Viewers approach the work and see themselves in the screen, but the sizes of the pixels making up their screen mirror are dynamically changing. The above video is a 1.5 minute video capture of two people interacting with the work.

Self Portrait (animated)

Self Portrait (animated) (2009)
computer, display, and custom software

Self Portrait (animated) is similar to Variable Mirror above, in that it presents an image with dynamically changing pixel sizes. However, this work uses a digital still image as its source material. The video above is a 1 minute video capture of the process which is intended to run continuously in an exhibition setting.

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Self Portrait 1x4x9

Self Portrait 1x4x9 (2009)
oil on canvas, 28"x30"
(click image for larger version)

pixel study

pixel study (2009)
encaustic and wood blocks on wood panel, 9"x9"
(click image for larger version)

Self Portrait

Self Portrait (2009)
computationally-produced digital image using software written by the artist
(click image for larger version)

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