FAQ for Go Rando

Q: When I install Go Rando on Chrome (or other browsers) it says Go Rando can “Read and change all data on Facebook.” What’s up with that?

A: In order for the Go Rando extension to access the code that makes up the page you see as Facebook, it needs those permissions. All Go Rando does with what it “sees” is look for the appropriate HTML tags to find the “Like” buttons, and then inserts the randomizing code to select reactions for you. Your browsing history is *not* read. You data is not captured or stored in any way. I care about privacy; Go Rando does not violate it. You can look at the source code if you like (it’s open source and online). If you have concerns, let me know.

Q: Can I still select a specific reaction when I want to?

A: Yes. If you click the “Like” button, then you get the random reaction. But if you want to select a specific reaction—including “Like”—then hover over the Like button and select the reaction you want from the popup (just like normal). Doing so will bypass the random reaction Go Rando enables.

Q: What languages are supported?

A: Currently, the languages supported explicitly are: English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Danish. Others may work, depending.

Q: Go Rando is often picking “Like” — is it working correctly?

A: It is possible for Go Rando’s random reaction selection to select a string of “Likes” (or any other single reaction). The more you click, the more even the distribution will be over time.

Q: How do I remove Go Rando?

A: In Chrome, go to Window->Extensions, find Go Rando in the list, and click the trash can icon to remove. In the other browsers, click the Tampermonkey icon, go to the ‘Dashboard’, click the checkbox next to Go Rando, and then select ‘Remove’ from the drop-down at the top.

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