FAQ for Facebook Demetricator

Q: Does Facebook Demetricator store or save any information? Does it violate my privacy in any way?

A: No! While Demetricator does see what you see, it’s only so it can hide the metrics away before they’re rendered. Nothing it sees is stored, locally or remotely.

Q: Where is the source code? Can I see it? Can I help?

A: The source code for Facebook Demetricator is open source and hosted on Github. As Facebook changes its code constantly, I’m interested in others helping me keep up with those changes and/or to implement performance improvements. If you’re interested, send me an email.

Q: Does Demetricator alter my profile or change any data?

A: No. Demetricator only changes how Facebook looks to you. Nothing is changed on Facebook’s servers or with your profile. If you toggle off, disable, or uninstall Demetricator then all of its effects will disappear.

Q: Do you want bug reports or examples of uncaught metrics?

A: Yes, please send me an email. Screenshots, as well as browser/OS info is useful.

Q: What about updates?

A: As long as you have version 1.0.1 or later, you will get automatic updates on Chrome and Firefox. On Safari, to get automatic updates, you’ll need to go to Preferences->Extensions, click on ‘Updates’ at the bottom, and then check ‘Install Updates Automatically’.

Q: How do I know if I have any notifications without toggling it off?

A: Even though the red/white notification numbers are hidden by Demetricator, there is still an indicator that tells you if you have new notifications pending. The icon that has new items will ‘light up’ to a much lighter blue. This will stay this way until you click on it to see what they are, just like the red/white numbers do when Demetricator is off. See the image below for an example, where the far right notification item has pending items.

Demetricated notification icons, with the far right one indicating new items with the lighter blue color. When this icon ‘lights up’ it means you have new items to view.

Q: How do I disable and/or uninstall the Demetricator?

A: Chrome: Go to Window->Extensions, find ‘Facebook Demetricator’ on the list, and either uncheck ‘Enable’ to turn it off, or click the trash can icon to completely uninstall it. Reload Facebook after this for it to take effect.

Firefox: Go to Tools->Greasemonkey->Manage Scripts, and either click ‘Disable’ to turn it off or ‘Remove’ to uninstall it. Reload Facebook after this for it to take effect.

Safari: Go to Safari->Preferences, click on the ‘Extensions’ tab, then click on ‘Facebook Demetricator’ on the list. Uncheck ‘Enable Facebook Demetricator’ to disable, or click ‘Uninstall’ to remove. Reload Facebook after this for it to take effect.

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