Early Abstract Paintings

When my artistic interests began to broaden beyond music and into the visual arts, I started painting. Mostly abstracts. I approached each work with a particular problem or question in mind. How can you avoid the suggestion of landscape? What happens if you split the form in half but then try to obscure that split? While my approach to subject eventually became more research focused, this selection of early paintings reflect my interests of the time in the areas of form, material, and the works of other artists.

fleeting askance

fleeting askance (1997)
oil on canvas, 48"x48"

edge to

edge to (2000)
oil on canvas, 48"x48"

forget color

forget color (1999)
oil on canvas, 60"x60"
collection of Michael Hamman

lift complement

lift complement (2004)
oil on canvas, 60"x60"

long interval

long interval (2006)
oil on canvas, 28"x36"


push (1999)
oil on canvas, 60"x52"


lower (2000)
encaustic, ash, and rust on wood panel, 30"x16"
collection of Danielle Chynoweth


settled (2001)
encaustic and mixed media on wood panel, 18"x22"
collection of Melissa Merli

pointed shift

pointed shift (1997)
oil on canvas, 48"x24"