Please Don’t Like This! at Science Gallery London

My work Please Don’t Like This! (w/ Jonah Brucker-Cohen)
opens as part of HOOKED at Science Gallery London

My collaborative work with Jonah Brucker-Cohen, titled Please Don’t Like This!, is part of the inaugural exhibition of a new Science Gallery at King’s College London titled HOOKED. Curated by Hannah Redler Hawes, HOOKED “invites you to question what makes us as humans vulnerable to addiction and interrogates the underlying factors and routes to recovery. We invite you to challenge the stigmas associated with addiction, consider addiction as a health issue we are all susceptible to, and explore how recovery takes many forms.”

Looks like a great show and I’m happy to be a part of it. In case you’ll be in London this fall, stop by! It will be up from 21 September 2018 – 6 January 2019.