If But Or at ArteScienza Festival in Rome

Please don’t stand in the middle of the road waiting for me to get you on camera
(link to online exhibition)

My older sound work If But Or will be part of an installation at this year’s ArteScienza Festival in Rome. Under the theme Interattivo-Adattivo (Interactive-Adaptive), the installation includes “eight reflective screens distributed in the Goethe-Institut lower garden, allowing the sound sources placed at their bases to widen the lobes of sound radiation and offer the listener an extended, non-localizable scenario, within which are however perceptible the trajectories or movements of the sound modulated in depth and width.” (translation via Google)

Interestingly, If But Or was the first work I made using my new (at that time) synthesis software called GACSS (Genetic Algorithms in Composition and Sound Synthesis). If you’re in Rome, here is info for the concert on 5 July. Otherwise, you can hear If But Or by clicking below: