Computers Watching Movies at Museum Kesselhaus in Berlin

museum kesselhaus

Stories for a More-Than-Human World at Museum Kesselhaus in Berlin

My work Computers Watching Movies will be part of Stories for a More-Than-Human World, opening 5 July at Museum Kesselhaus in Berlin. The exhibition includes:

…[works that] emphasize a non-anthropocentric shift and critically or playfully investigate understandings of being human, being machine, being hybrid in a present where the impact of technology – be it on the environment or on our own bodies – is ubiquitous. The theme of the event is a reaction to recent discussions between humanities and natural sciences about new approaches to thinking about, looking at, working with, and being inside nature. It draws references from fields of posthuman theory, new materialism, cybernetics and science and technology studies.

Stories for a More-Than-Human World is curated by Theresa Schubert, and is open through 8 July.