Ben Grosser Presents at The WRONG TV

The Wrong TV (click to view Channel 3)

The latest project to come out of The Wrong (which runs The Wrong Digital Art Biennale) is The Wrong TV–a new online tv platform for digital art, music & culture, with 24/7 free live streaming. David Quiles Guilló reached out and asked me to curate a program for one of the channels, and that program has just opened.

A 9+ hour loop of video-based work from about 60 artists (including myself), “Ben Grosser Presents” is a mix of computational video, multidisciplinary performance, net art documentation and promos, critical supercuts, video art, and, as always, more.

So, starting Tuesday, 7 April 2020, the program starts on channel 3 (and on the main channel beginning mid-day). GO WATCH, or view the final program below.

Also, El Pais has just written about The Wrong TV, including my segment on it.

Final Program (in no particular order):

Ben Grosser Presents
THE WRONG TV (channel 3)
7 Apr, 2020

Mark Zuckerberg Haircuts
Sam Lavigne

Crowd-Sourced Intelligence Agency
Jennifer Gradecki and Derek Curry

Bittercoin, the worst miner ever
Martín Nadal & César Escudero Andaluz

Number Pad
Ben Grosser

All the Ways (The Simpsons)
Jason Salavon

AdNauseam – Clicking Ads So You Don’t Have To
Daniel Howe and Helen Nissenbaum

Reload the Love!
Ben Grosser

Fly the Flag
Paul Shortt

Pizzabook turns your facebook into pizza
Carrie Gates

Notepad 2018
Matt Kenyon

167 (single channel version for preview)
Kennedy Browne

Playing A Girl (short excerpt)
Angela Washko

Everything but the Clouds
Patrick LeMieux

Computers Watching Movies
Ben Grosser

So Kanno

Breathing a Doily into my Trachea
Nicki Werner

ELEPHANT segments
Deke Weaver

scrollbarcomposition 2013
Jan Robert Leegte

Mitchell Oliver

Head Swap for Amplified Violin and Interactive Robotic Painting Machine
Ben Grosser and Zack Browning

Kyle McDonald

Unerasable Images
Winnie Soon

Singing with Code – Excerpt
Sophia Brueckner

You like my like of your like of my status
Ben Grosser

Facebook Demetricator
Ben Grosser

Touching Software (House of Cards)
Ben Grosser

Wire Bath
Faith Holland

Kevin Hamilton


State of Affairs_3 minute clip
Bob Bicknell-Knight

Vertical Abstract Video
Dominik Podsiadly

there there Performance at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
Jeff Kolar

Browsing Facebook with Safebook
Ben Grosser

Assorted Vision: The Matrix (Hue)
Ben Grosser

Unknown Armature (1): Breath Sensor Organ
Sara Hendren

César Escudero Andaluz

More Like This
Ben Grosser

Niky Reynolds

Lauren McCarthy

ContactRot: A Time Sensitive Address Book App for iOS
Jonah Brucker-Cohen

The making of Leap second festival 2016

Granular Space
Ryan Griffis

Ben Grosser

Self Portrait (animated)
Ben Grosser

Body Betrayal
Avalon Ruby


Ben Grosser

Mitchell Oliver

Artist’s Statement
Faith Holland

What do machines sing of?
Martin Backes

Patterns of Life
Julien Prévieux

Stranger Visions
Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Art for Spooks
N. Adriana Knouf and Claudia Pederson

fécamp Fagnet n°6 – 1R
Jacques Perconte

dead air 2017
Mitchell Oliver

I Know Where Your Cat Lives
Owen Mundy

corner to corner / roaming walk through an empty house / unedited
Hugh Sato

Go Rando
Ben Grosser

What is 500 Years of Amazing Latte Nail Art with Salt?
Erica Lapadat-Janzen

“Empty Apartments” Walk-through
Jeff Thompson

Ben Grosser

Social Turkers: Crowdsourced Relationships
Lauren McCarthy

X by Bjørn Magnhildøen, Spain (Jury Award 2017)
Bjørn Magnhildøen

Present day, Present time: a 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown) moment – jonCates (2020)

CH2 unattendedVaporware app trailer
Channel TWo (Jess Parris Westbrook and Paige Treebridge)

Ynfab Bruno

The Art of Simon Fischer
Carl Burton

The Eighth Alps
Jacques Perconte

60 Chords 60 Colors
Andreja Andric

15 Seconds of Fame
Aram Bartholl

Liza Sylvestre

Kathleen Durkin

Two Questions for Gina Cheri Haspel
Abram Stern (aphid)

Quick Fix – the vending machine selling likes and followers
Dries Depoorter