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Article Published in the Journal Hz

My article, titled How the Technological Design of Facebook Homogenizes Identity and Limits Personal Representation, was just published in the journal Hz

Presenting at the Electronic Literature Organization Conference

I’ll be presenting ScareMail at the 2014 Electronic Literature Organization Conference.

Abstract for Theorizing the Web 2014

The abstract for my upcoming panel presentation at Theorizing the Web 2014

ScareMail is Art

ScareMail is an artwork about how systems interact with systems, about the role of language within those systems, and about the challenges to privacy and free speech in the current political climate.

New Statement, Upcoming Shows & Talks, General Update

While I haven’t posted here in a while, I have a lot of new projects in progress, and a number of events to announce. I’ll be showing my work at Land of Tomorrow in Lexington during the month of December, …

Interview with Roboteknia Magazine

The English text of my recent interview with Roboteknia, a Mexican robotics mag. We discuss my painting machine, the role of technology in the arts, whether robots have ‘souls,’ and where things are headed in the art/tech world.

How the Technological Design of Facebook Homogenizes Identity and Limits Personal Representation

How Facebook transforms individuals into instruments of capital, limits self-description, and controls one’s visual presentation of self identity.

The Truth About Injustice Always Sounds Outrageous

While in music school I took an experimental composition seminar with Herbert Brün. Later, Herbert and others grew that seminar into a school of its own, called the School for Designing a Society. In 2009, I once again took the …

The Ideology of Defense and Paul Shambroom’s Photographs of the Bomb

Download the paper (PDF) Abstract Strategic and tactical nuclear weapons technology dominates United States foreign policy. Originally invented to end World War II, expanded to fight a cold war, and further developed after that war for “deterrence,” these weapons’ existence …