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Video of Presentation at Unlike Us #3, Amsterdam

Video: Benjamin Grosser presented his work, Facebook Demetricator, at the Institute of Network Cultures’ Unlike Us #3 conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Interview with Roboteknia Magazine

The English text of my recent interview with Roboteknia, a Mexican robotics mag. We discuss my painting machine, the role of technology in the arts, whether robots have ‘souls,’ and where things are headed in the art/tech world.

How the Technological Design of Facebook Homogenizes Identity and Limits Personal Representation

How Facebook transforms individuals into instruments of capital, limits self-description, and controls one’s visual presentation of self identity.

Interactive Robotic Painting Machine

Introduction Machine in an Exhibition Context (w/ video) Head Swap: Collaborative Work for Violin and Painting Machine (w/ video) How It Works Paintings Photographs Related Content Introduction Our everyday interactions are increasingly mediated by technology, be they mobile phones, chat …

Personal Depersonalization System at Figure One in August

Watch my latest work run live at this exhibition space in downtown Champaign, IL.

Personal Depersonalization System

Every phrase you search, every link you click, and every path you follow is databased, profiled, and indexed so that Google and other data tracking companies can develop a refined portrait of who they think you are—or more importantly, what …

What Are Art/Music Machines For?

Do we really need to hear more fake clarinets or to see more computer-drawn portraits? What about something new?

Temporal Imaging, Reality TV, and The Vision Machine

Is temporal media affecting our ability to store memories? Consideration of this idea and others in the context of Paul Virilio’s The Vision Machine.

Finding Your Voice

If you don’t speak will anyone see you? Do surveillance technologies modify the way we speak or think about ourselves in public? What happens if we can see conversation dynamics? Will it change the conversation? This work, titled Finding Your …

Remote and Virtual Instrumentation

One of my primary areas of research and development during my time at the Beckman Institute was in remote and virtual instrumentation. Remote instrumentation refers to a software and hardware system that facilitates remote operation of a machine (a microscope …

Speed of Reality

The pace of cuts in reality TV has been steadily increasing, and now often obfuscates the content it presents. In fact, this increase is common throughout temporal media and has been accelerating for years. I’m interested in the potential effects …

Money, Management, and Electronic Mail

I’m interested in the ways that communications technologies are changing human interaction. Whichever technology one chooses, that mode cannot avoid altering both the content and connotation of the messages it is meant to deliver. In the world of employment, the …