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Recording of Not Pitch Released on CD and Digital

My work Not Pitch for baritone saxophone and computer-generated sounds has been recorded and released on CD by Rhonda Taylor.

What Are Art/Music Machines For?

Do we really need to hear more fake clarinets or to see more computer-drawn portraits? What about something new?

World Premiere of Shift Tonight

Jacob Barton will be performing the world premiere of my musical work titled Shift (2010), tonight (January 19, 2011) at the Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia in Virginia Beach, VA.

Finding Your Voice

If you don’t speak will anyone see you? Do surveillance technologies modify the way we speak or think about ourselves in public? What happens if we can see conversation dynamics? Will it change the conversation? This work, titled Finding Your …

Speed of Reality

The pace of cuts in reality TV has been steadily increasing, and now often obfuscates the content it presents. In fact, this increase is common throughout temporal media and has been accelerating for years. I’m interested in the potential effects …