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Computers Watching Movies

Computers Watching Movies (Exhibition Cut)computationally-produced HD video with stereo audio(please play full screen) Computers Watching Movies shows what a computational system sees when it watches the same films that we do. The work illustrates this vision as a series of …

Reload The Love!

Software now facilitates many aspects of daily life, whether it’s your phone, your car, your bank, or your refrigerator. Though immaterial, software is still a designed object created by humans. I’m interested in how those designs serve its creators, as …

Interactive Robotic Painting Machine

Introduction Machine in an Exhibition Context (w/ video) Head Swap: Collaborative Work for Violin and Painting Machine (w/ video) How It Works Paintings Photographs Related Content Introduction Our everyday interactions are increasingly mediated by technology, be they mobile phones, chat …

Interactive Robotic Painting Machine Makes Debut

On April 26, my interactive robotic painting machine will make its public debut at the Krannert Center. The result of over a year’s worth of work, the machine uses artificial intelligence to paint its own body of work and to make its own decisions. It also listens to its environment and considers what it hears as input into the painting process.

Temporal Imaging, Reality TV, and The Vision Machine

Is temporal media affecting our ability to store memories? Consideration of this idea and others in the context of Paul Virilio’s The Vision Machine.